About Us

Algarve Health and Social Care has, for many years, provided sound health care provider advice for those in the community looking for support in healthcare in the Algarve. This is something that we are very keen to continue by promoting and supporting Saar@Home as our sole recommendation for care provision in the community.

Saar@Home is a fully Portuguese-licensed care agency delivering care in the Algarve and wider parts of Portugal for predominantly expat communities. They are able to deliver all models of care that are genuinely bespoke to the client’s needs, as many examples on this site identify.

Not all community-based care providers are the same; very few are registered in Portugal for delivering care that focuses on the expat community, and we are unaware of any such agencies that take the effort to supervise and train their care teams in the way in which Saar@Home are committed.

All care teams undertaking assignments for care are nurse led and function under the guidance of the company’s clinical technical director.

All enquiries for help with healthcare made to this site are solely and exclusively forwarded to Saar@Home, and indeed this has been the case for some considerable time.